About Veggie Pastie

Hello fellow foodies and welcome to Veggie Pastie, the home of vegetarian inspiration.

Welcome Veg

We started this site in October 2013 as an outlet for our enthusiasm for all things food and vegetarian related.  Put simply, we are mad foodies that eat, sleep and drink vegetables.

But what is Veggie Pastie about exactly?  Well it’s early days at the moment, so please bear with us.   Our goal however is clear, and that is to explore vegetarianism without boundaries.

Whilst there will be plenty of recipes being added to the archives over the coming months, to titillate the taste buds, this website isn’t intended to be a recipe book.  Far from it.  Think wider than that.  Think restaurant reviews, utensil testing, events reporting, guest writers, and quirky takes on star ingredients.

The sky is the limit and we look forward to seeing you there.

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